client profile: star & shield

Star & Shield Insurance Services is dedicated to providing the public safety community and those who support them with a variety of competitive personal insurance options through multiple leading carriers. In addition to offering affordable options for auto, home, life and more, the company has provided over $3 million in support of public safety since 2009. As Star & Shield continues to expand from its home base in Florida to the Southeast and beyond, it relies on Fiore Communications to help communicate its offerings and mission to a quickly growing audience of current and potential members.

advertising / marketing

In support of Star & Shield’s significant support of public safety-related organizations and events, we help create targeted print ads for meeting programs and member publications.  We also assist in the design of digital display campaign ads, sales emails and print materials for the marketing/sales team that includes lead cards, brochures and conference display booths.

Star & Shield ad
Star & Shield Brochure
Star and Shield ad

social media

Star & Shield facebook posts

The Star & Shield brand is tied strongly to the support of public safety, and we use social media, primarily Facebook, as an opportunity to highlight the everyday heroism of those who serve our communities in fire/rescue, law enforcement, EMS and corrections. We share the most compelling stories and express Star & Shield’s gratitude and respect for the job they do. We also use posts to highlight the company’s many sponsorships and attendance at related programs and events throughout the state.  

herowatch newsletter

To better highlight the work of our heroic first responders, we created and publish the HeroWatch, an email newsletter sent to Star & Shield members every other week. The email serves as a “best of” compilation of our Facebook posts and allows us to showcase first responders to an audience who may not be as engaged on social media. The newsletter also drives traffic to the Star & Shield Facebook page and the website.

services provided