How to Transition from Academic Writing to Blogging

As I finish up my editing internship this summer and approach the last semester of my undergraduate career at Florida State University, I can’t help but think about the drastic differences [...]

From Backpack to Briefcase: The Transition from Academic to Professional Writing

In my short time as an intern at Fiore Communications, I feel as though I’ve learned almost as much about writing as I have during my two years in the Editing, Writing, and Media program at [...]

Keepin’ it Real: Fresh Writing for Common Topics

When writing for a blog, oftentimes you will find yourself writing about topics that many other people have covered before. A quick Google search is bound to pull up countless blogs and articles [...]

What Makes Great Content Great? Experts Weigh In.

Content marketing is about more than SEO and catchy headlines. It is about having a real conversation with your audience and communicating your Big Idea with your customers, and it all starts [...]

Style or Substance? How About Both?

"It's about what you write, not how well you write it."Like a dagger to the heart, those words from a new email newsletter client pierced my writer's soul and made me question the purpose of [...]

When Thinking Gets in the Way of Writing

I find it hard to write when I get discouraged. At a time when businesses are crumbling, the rate of small-business closings has tripled, and people are making drastic lifestyle decisions, I have [...]

Getting Bored with Your Own Writing

I just erased an entire blog post that was intended for this spot. I had an interesting anecdote to start things out and tied it to an important business principle, but when I read it back it [...]

Choosing Words Like Your Life Depended On It

I have developed somewhat of a bad habit at home. I don't necessarily think it's bad, but based on some recent body language I have received, I may need to rethink my position on it. Every once [...]

Red Ink Won’t Kill You

As a longtime editor and reader of intern-penned articles, I often was faced with explaining why their papers were overwhelmed with red ink. My opening line was usually, "It’s not as bad as it [...]