Trying to Go Viral? You’re Missing the Real Point of Social Media

Over the short history of social media, we have seen a lot of content go viral. From videos of families being reunited with loved ones returning from war, to pictures of crazy Walmart shoppers, [...]


Eyewear Company Uses Instagram for Audience Building

When your business has first launched or is trying to attract a new type of customer, an important first step is to identify the most effective ways to reach your target audience s. If you have [...]


You CAN Handle the Truth: Using Social Media to Manage your Brand

This past Sunday night I flipped my television to HBO, excited for the premiere of the new season of Girls, and happened to catch the end of an episode of True Detective with Matthew McConaughey. [...]


4 Ways to Find Better Pinterest Pins for Your Business

If your company has a Pinterest page, your goal should be to pin entertaining, informative and valuable content. The problem is: How do you find it? As big as the social media platform is, there [...]


The Power of Students Using Instagram

With the recent, highly anticipated opening of FSU College Town near the campus of Florida State University, it should come as no surprise that many of its businesses are off to a successful [...]


5 Ways to Make Great Business Pinterest Boards

The social media platform Pinterest is a great way to build your brand and engage with your target audience, but it is not as simple as just creating an account. Just because you pin items to a [...]


Instagram for Business: One Tallahassee Company Doing it Right

Sharing life's big (and small) moments is easier than ever with the popular phone app Instagram. Whether it’s a photo of your lunch, or a beautiful sunset, it only takes a few seconds to share [...]


Using Pinterest for Business: 6 Simple Tips

If you are a business owner who has recently joined the world of Pinterest, first of all let me say, "Welcome!" You now have the ability to waste hours of your life without even realizing it. In [...]


Pinterest vs Instagram: Where Should Business Owners Spend Their Time?

When it comes to social media, photos and visuals are big factors in attracting attention. I know when I’m looking at my phone, I usually just scroll through text, but I will stop to look at a [...]


How to Use Social Media for Your Business: Expert Insights

When used correctly, social media allows your business to reach a large number of prospects and to interact with them as often as they are on Facebook or Twitter (which tends to be pretty [...]

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