How to Write Emails That Actually Get Read

Email marketing is a proven communication tool for successful businesses, but simply sending emails to your audiences – even loyal customers – is no guarantee that they will be read. What you [...]


Hold the Phone: Email Marketing Still Rings True

When I wake up in the morning, I go through a phone-checking routine. First comes Facebook, then Instagram and lastly my email. While some may say that email is becoming obsolete, I would have to [...]


$120 for My Email Address?

How much is my email address worth? Certainly more than I would have guessed. Last week, I traded my email address to the Fairmont Turnberry Resort in Aventura for four days of Internet access in [...]


Looking for Newsletter Content? Talk it Out.

For lots and lots of people, creating relevant, compelling content for their email newsletters can be a grind -- bordering on downright unpleasant. No matter how enthusiastic one is about their [...]


Browser Viewing Bails Out Quirky Emails

It is no secret to anyone who has every attempted to send an HTML email newsletter that coding can be a tricky thing. Designing a nice newsletter with background images, lots of color and text [...]


davemail Q & A: Using Third-Party Lists

The issue of using lists of email addresses generated by someone other than you continues to be a hot topic. I received an email this week asking for my opinion about using a list provided by the [...]


Buying a List Should Not be on Your List

In searching for keywords that people use when seeking information about email newsletters, I made a rather disturbing discovery. The No. 1 term searched for was “email lists.” Apparently, last [...]


Email Success? Preach to the Choir

I need to be honest about something. After a few weeks of monitoring online conversations through TweetDeck and Google Alerts on the subject of email newsletters, I had become a bit disheartened. [...]


Nine Reasons to Consider Email Newsletters

I spend a lot of time talking about why davemail is a great alternative to online, do-it-yourself email marketing services. Lost in my enthusiasm, however, is the simple truth that there may be [...]


5 Ideas for Finding Good Email Newsletter Content

Your email newsletters can be cool, flashy and colorful - with lots of links and social media gadgets - but none of that matters if we are not giving them something useful to read. With apologies [...]

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