The Value of a Content Marketing Internship

As I approach the final weeks of my internship at Fiore Communications, I can’t help but reflect on my experience here these past two years. I began my journey as Content Marketing Intern in 2013 [...]


The Importance of Creating the Right Conversation

Earlier this month, Florida State University held its annual career fair– Seminole Futures. Seminole Futures is open to all FSU students in search of full-time jobs or internships, or who are [...]


4 Reasons Why Our Addiction to Smartphones Can be Good for Business

When I look around in a waiting room, on a bus ride and even in my classes (sorry, professors, but you know it’s true) the overwhelming number of people using their smartphones is astounding. The [...]


Spread the Love, Tell your Story

When I was a little girl, Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite holidays. My mom would wake up early to decorate the kitchen with red and white streamers and confetti, and make heart-shaped [...]


You CAN Handle the Truth: Using Social Media to Manage your Brand

This past Sunday night I flipped my television to HBO, excited for the premiere of the new season of Girls, and happened to catch the end of an episode of True Detective with Matthew McConaughey. [...]


The Power of Students Using Instagram

With the recent, highly anticipated opening of FSU College Town near the campus of Florida State University, it should come as no surprise that many of its businesses are off to a successful [...]


Sephora and the Beauty of Successful Email Marketing

Every few days, I take a moment to scroll through my email inbox. And every few days, it’s always the same thing: a flood of advertisements from companies that I wish I hadn’t given my email to. [...]


How to Use Social Media for Your Business: Expert Insights

When used correctly, social media allows your business to reach a large number of prospects and to interact with them as often as they are on Facebook or Twitter (which tends to be pretty [...]


Creating a Company Blog: Why Your Business Needs to Start Blogging

More and more businesses, including your competitors, are using blogging as a new way to promote themselves. The big question is: Why? Blogging serves as a unique, valuable, and powerful [...]