Tallahassee Business Success: An Inside Look at Verity Health Center

Dr. Isaac Montilla, a chiropractor at Verity Health Center in Tallahassee, Fla., is more than a doctor.

He is a teacher who focuses on the bigger picture — educating others on how they can achieve true health and reach their potential through a healthy lifestyle – that is Dr. Montilla’s Big Idea.

Tallahassee Business Success Dr. Isaac Montilla | Fiore CommunicationsIt is this shift from a focus on traditional chiropractic care — treating headaches, lower back pain and neck pain — to being an advocate for a healthy lifestyle beginning with a healthy spine.

It is what motivates him and drives the conversation with both his patients and the community.

We were able to speak with Dr. Montilla recently about the inspiration behind his Big Idea and how that influences his practice.

FC: What are chiropractors traditionally known for and what are some common reasons patients see you?

Chiropractors have been known to focus on musculoskeletal issues that can lead to headaches, lower back pain and neck pain. Chiropractic works wonders in that area. But, those are just symptoms of an underlying problem. Your nervous system regulates everything! Chiropractic works by removing interference and giving the body a fighting chance to express health. Chiropractic is about bringing balance to the body and allowing the body to maximize its potential.

Patients come to me because they want to change their lifestyle. They want to correct the cause of their problem. I don’t claim to heal or cure anything. The body does that. As Chiropractors we don’t target disease by any means. I work with individuals to design a lifestyle approach through specific chiropractic, nutrition, exercising, etc.

FC: When someone visits your site, it’s pretty obvious that your Big Idea is that “you can achieve true health and reach your potential.” How did you come up with this Big Idea?

It’s simple. People are suffering. This country is suffering. My community is suffering. This is why I do what I do. This how I came up with my “BIG IDEA.”

My family has been affected by disease. Disease such as: Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease and Degeneration. Research proves that they can easily be prevented through a healthier lifestyle. I am on a mission to make sure that many are aware of the opportunities.

Our bodies are programmed a certain way. When there is interference, our body will continue to break down. Remove what is not allowing your body to function properly and great things can happen.

I am dedicated to providing hope; helping others make lifestyle changes that can affect everyone. I believe that one loses hope when they lose their pulse.

My Big Idea is my big WHY.  Get the Big Idea and all else will follow. I want others to experience that. Remove interference and give your body what it needs and amazing things can happen!

FC: What are some different ways you strive to be more than just a chiropractor to your patients?

I am involved in my patients’ lives. I consider them family. I hold their hand through the healing process. Educating, facilitating and empowering!

FC: How has your Big Idea helped you connect with a larger audience, especially people who may have never heard of Verity Health Center or met you before?

It has allowed me to reach out to people that I would never think I would touch. I have been invited to speak at public schools, corporations, and local companies establish curricula that can help everyone save money by making better health choices. Many have gotten rid of their medications or decreased their dosages, after consulting with their medical doctors. All through changing their lifestyle.

It has made in impact in lives of the young as well as the elderly. Whether people come to Verity or not, I want to challenge all to make better health choices. There is much work to do.

FC: What connection have you seen between your Big Idea and how you have been able to grow Verity Health Center?

We are creating a movement where people are making health a priority. They are empowered to not be part of a system, but take matters into their own hands. They are making better health decisions. They are able to enjoy life to its fullest!

FC: You have frequent events to encourage the Tallahassee community to reach true health and their full potential. How do your events relate to your Big Idea?

Each event is geared to bettering the individual.

“Shop with the Doc” is about educating my patients and the community on how eating healthy is easy, how you can save money, and what is and isn’t healthy. If we can do it with a tight budget, so can they! It’s important to me that people feel a sense of empowerment.

“Women’s Night” is intended for mothers, wives and women to have a night to focus on things that they like. It is a night where they are stress-free and enjoy the company of adults.

“Kids’ Day” is about creating a healthy environment for children. We provide a healthy breakfast with clean entertainment. For parents, it is geared to help surround themselves with like-minded individuals wanting to provide the healthiest lifestyle for their kids.

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FC: What are some other ways that you get the message out about your Big Idea?

Educate. Go to events and meet the community on their grounds. I like to personally shake hands. Serve.

FC: Why would you suggest that other businesses take the time to define their Big Idea?

With no Big Idea, there is no direction. There is no drive. There is no passion. You eventually will hit a dead end.

My Big Idea allows for me to love what I do. You must make it about others — what they need.

Zig Ziglar said it best, “You can have anything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want!”  I want others to thrive.

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