When Thinking Gets in the Way of Writing

I find it hard to write when I get discouraged. At a time when businesses are crumbling, the rate of small-business closings has tripled, and people are making drastic lifestyle decisions, I have let my writing time be consumed with thinking. Way too much thinking, to be honest.

Part of my excuse for the lack of literary production is the little voice inside my head whispering that it doesn’t matter anyway. Who is even reading my “insights” about small business or tips for better email newsletter writing? And even if they are, how is it impacting my bottom line? Isn’t it just better to post something clever on Facebook and call it a day?

As my momma always said, “Life is like a good blog.” (She was ahead of her time.) Writing is what I do, and I need to take advantage of any opportunity to share useful information, offer encouragement or be honest when times are tough. Even when I don’t feel like it.

And in regard to impacting the bottom line, no single blog post is likely to do that. Just like any form of communication or networking, consistency is the key. Relationships are based on trust and ideas shared week by week and month by month, which is why, incidentally, email newsletters are so valuable.

So with my brief hiatus over, it is time to get writing again. Even if it is just for you and me, I will consider that worth the investment. I hope you do, too.

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  • Dave Fiore

    Thanks, Tracey. That makes two of us — and that’s a start!

  • Tracey

    Thanks for the investment. I think it’s worth it.