iPhone Home?

I need a new smartphone. My Palm Treo was the victim of an office mishap and needs to be replaced. Even with my insurance, a new phone will be only $50 more, so the search is on. In posting my quandary about whether to stay with Palm (Pre), slide over to Blackberry or make the jump to an iPhone, the response from my online friends has been quite interesting.

Even though I never directly asked for opinions, one group was very vocal about expressing their affection for their mobile device. You could call it iLove.

The passion that iPhone users display for their devices is almost scary. They love their phones. I mean, really love them. If you were a lazy researcher (which I have never met, BTW), you could take the ratio of iPhone responses to everything else and predict that about 90 percent of all people with mobile phones are using the darling of the AT&T wireless family.

In truth, there are many more Blackberry users in the world, but you would never know it. How many of them would stop a stranger in the street to tell them how much they love their phone? Or offer a quick game of Mario Kart?

The obvious question here is how do we take a small share of the market and energize our base to the degree that it seems we are the industry leader? How do we create raving fans (with a nod to Ken Blanchard) and get them to spread the word?

Well, unless you have the equivalent of the coolest, sleekest phone ever created, you had probably better focus on the basics of delivering a good product and offering over-the-top customer service.

Getting even a few people talking, especially if they are the right people, will be a huge step in the right direction.

PHONE UPDATE: I ended up going with the Blackberry Tour, which just became available through Sprint last week. I absolutely love it, and it is perfect for what I need a mobile device to do.


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  • John

    I am on ATT at the end of a two year contract. My HTC Tilt was acting up so I figured I’d look at the iPhone. I’ve had a 3GS for a couple of weeks now and although the user experience is awesome, there are a few capabilities that I can’t live without and can’t be found on the iPhone without JailBreaking it. When my Tilt gets back from the shop, I’ll probably be returning the iPhone and going back to my WinMo phone in anticipation of the HTC TouchPro2 (hopefully)within a month or two.

  • Dave Fiore

    Bryan — Glad you were able to get your phone issues resolved. With normal use, I can get two days out of a charge. Of course, lots of video streaming or running lots of apps at the same time will drain it pretty quickly.

    Thanks for the post.

  • Bryan

    Very interesting comments. I’m with Sprint, I like my phone OK. I almost went with the iPhone, but the monthly price difference was too huge. So, I stayed with Sprint. I’m glad you like the BB Tour, Dave. I almost got that phone as my HTC Touch Pro was causing me some probs recently. All is resolved though. How long do the batteries last on the BB Tour?

  • Dave Fiore

    Chip — You bring up a reasonable question. Why would I choose a phone that I myself admit may not be the best option available? Instead of me hijacking my own success as the study you mention says I may be inclined to do, I would argue that it is because I based my choice on a series of factors not important to everyone faced with the same decision.

    For instance, I think as an email machine, the BB Tour is a monster. Checking, responding, forwarding, taking and attaching images etc, are a breeze and lightning fast. That is my primary use for the device, even before talking. Social media is easy and fun and with a super hi-rez screen, it does all the cool stuff, including streaming TV and turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

    From a business and cost perspective, with this phone I can stay with Sprint and my great family plan and save a ton over a comparable plan with AT&T. I would have to want the iPhone a LOT more to justify the price difference.

    Another factor is that my Treo no longer functioned, and if I switched plans I would have to wait until January.

    So, I will say it proudly. If you need anywhere/anytime email (plus a lot of cool stuff), the BB Tour would be an awesome choice for you. Even if it can’t level the pictures in your living room.

    Thanks for the feedback. I hope your business is doing well.

  • Chip Mitchell

    I the article with interest since I am confronted with a change that ramps up my need for anytime/anywhere e-mail. Most interesting to me is the fact that, as Lisa indicates, you may have discounted overwhelming facts about user preference for iPhones (not saying this wasn’t a logical decision but still somewhat surprising). The implications for how we make buying decisions is huge. I recently heard an interview on NPR with an economist who described the human trait of making decisions clearly contrary to our own best interest. It seems that we harbor some opinions so strongly that we just can’t imagine we could possibly be wrong. Sound familiar business people? esp. businessmen?

  • Dave Fiore

    Thanks, Terrie. I know what happened — you let Jim pressure you into the iPhone. 🙂 Glad you like it. You never know, I can switch again in only two years…

  • Terrie Ard

    I just made the iplunge last week and gave up my BB. I am already addicted. Life is just a little easier now. Love my iPhone and your blog, Dave.

  • Dave Fiore

    Michael — Wow. That is not the kind of news RIM likes to hear! My BB is so much better than my Treo, I am in heaven. Sorry about your iWithdrawl, and thanks for sharing the story — you are the last person in the world I would expect NOT to have an iPhone. Now I understand. Maybe coverage will improve and all can be right again.

  • Michael Calienes

    i’m a bleh-berry user. i miss my iphone terribly but at&t’s service had eroded to an unforgivable state. i miss my iPhone so much that i now only use my bleh-berry as a phone. when i’m home i switch to my disconnected iPhone, which still works like an iPod touch, albeit a very expensive one.

  • Dave Fiore

    While some may disagree with my phone choice (made partly because I wanted to stay with Sprint and my advantageous family plan), the point of my blog is certainly being proven true.

    Within seconds, I was receiving emails about how great the iPhone is. Still waiting for my BB peeps to show up!

    Thanks, Lisa. I ignore stuff all the time…

  • Lisa Hall

    So you did the research, and ignored the results?