Tallahassee Marketing Firm Releases Free Whitepaper on Customer Attraction

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Fiore Communications, a Tallahassee-based content marketing firm, has released a free whitepaper, “What’s the Big Idea? The Essential Guide to Attracting Customers Online,” for business owners who want to learn more about online marketing strategies.

The Big Idea Guide explores the concept of focusing on a company’s “Big Idea” — a thought, ideal or goal that drives customers to action — rather than the products and services the company offers. It then highlights related concepts and tools to build an audience, engage customers and strengthen business relationships.

“So many business owners and marketing people want to start talking about all the great things they offer,” said Fiore Communications Founder Dave Fiore. “The conversation should start with what the company is all about. What do they really do? How are they improving the lives of the people they serve? There was not a lot written about using a Big Idea to expand the dialog to attract and engage a broader online audience.”

The guide was also written to provide busy business people with valuable information about growing a business online. “There are so many options available and lots of opinions floating around about using the Internet to attract customers,” said Fiore Communications Content Marketing Strategist Jeff Machado. “We wanted to cover the basics of customer attraction and solid, long-term relationship building in one report that could be read in about an hour. It is jam-packed with good stuff.”

The free whitepaper can be downloaded at: http://fiorecommunications.com/landing/big-idea-book/.

Fiore Communications is an integrated content marketing firm in Tallahassee, Fla., that assists clients with customer attraction and relationship building through the creation and delivery of targeted content for websites, email, print publications, social media and more.

Dave Fiore
Founder & Chief Content Officer