The Power of Pinterest: How I Became the Pinterest Queen

April 06, 2016

I’ve always been a huge fan of social media. I was known for my excessive tweeting in high school, and I’ve always been a very active Instagram, Facebook and Vine user. I’ve tried just about every social media platform – except Pinterest. Although my friends have Pinterest accounts and rave about the platform, it never appealed to me. I’ve never been much of a cook, and crafting isn’t high on my priority list.

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5 Tips for Getting Your Business on Pinterest

February 12, 2016

Pinterest is one of social media’s most popular platforms with more than 100 million users worldwide. But is its pin-and-share style a good fit for businesses trying to build online relationships with their target audience?

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4 Ways to Find Better Pinterest Pins for Your Business

If your company has a Pinterest page, your goal should be to pin entertaining, informative and valuable content. The problem is: How do you find it? As big as the social media platform is, there is a lot of content that’s not worth sharing. Your job as the pinner is to navigate through the website and find the content that will be beneficial for your brand and your audience. Here are four tips to make the Pinterest searching process a little easier.

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5 Ways to Make Great Business Pinterest Boards

October 21, 2013

The social media platform Pinterest is a great way to build your brand and engage with your target audience, but it is not as simple as just creating an account. Just because you pin items to a board doesn’t mean you are using Pinterest to its full advantage. There are lots of different ways you can maximize your pinning potential and build your online audience.

If you are unsure about what you company’s Pinterest board should look like, here are five tips that will make your time investment in Pinterest well worth it.

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Audience Building on Pinterest: Two Companies Doing it Right

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to a new website that has since changed my life: Pinterest. While I’ll admit to spending a little more time on it than I probably should, there is something about following and repining that makes it addicting. By simply exploring Pinterest, I have noticed that companies use a variety of methods to draw in potential customers. Two great examples of marketing that help to encourage repins, likes and possible buys are Lucky Brand and Anthroplogie.

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