integrated marketing services

Whether your business objectives are focused on attracting new customers, learning to engage in social media or strengthening business relationships, our proven marketing strategies and services are designed to move you forward with measurable, long-term results.

Website Content — A good website clearly defines your purpose, establishes credibility and moves visitors toward a desired action. If you are not converting visitors into leads (and eventually into customers), then your website is not as effective as it could be. We will upgrade your content to include important keywords and increase overall readability without having to redesign your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — Basic site optimization, or SEO, ensures that your website will be found more easily by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. We will test all your site pages and blog posts to maximize the benefit of targeted keywords and metadata to attract visitors and potential customers.

Email Newsletters — Email newsletters are an effective way to nurture relationships with existing customers and prospects. With compelling, relevant content targeted specifically for your audience, you can enhance your brand, build loyalty and create better-informed readers. Our writing and design team are experts at using our in-house email system to deliver targeted email newsletters that consistently receive open and click-through rates well over industry averages.

Blogging — Blogging is a powerful tool for attracting visitors to your website, starting online conversations and expanding your influence. Whether writing expert posts or guest blogging on other influential sites, blogging will increase traffic to your site and give you a competitive business advantage. Having a strategic and consistent blogging presence may be the single most important marketing choice you can make. We will help you develop a long-term blogging strategy and can also assist with writing the actual posts. Combining your knowledge with our writing can create some pretty powerful results.

Social Media Strategy — Developing the right social media content, which can include words, images and/or graphics, is as important as where it should be placed. Scheduling social media posts is also a crucial element to a successful campaign. Developing relationships through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other channels works only when implemented correctly. We will make sure your social media presence is supporting your overall marketing and business goals.

Analytics Monitoring — Smart marketers use a little bit of instinct and a lot of data to make their decisions. With website analytics, you can see exactly how visitors find you, what they do on your site, how long they stay and which elements are most effective in driving your desired actions. We will provide custom reports that provide exactly what we need to know to make data-informed decisions.

Magazine Publishing — For many membership-based associations, communicating through traditional magazines or journals, both in print and online, is an excellent way to communicate organizational value and important news. Creative design and targeted content can make your magazine an effective membership-retention tool. We help associations publish and deliver more than a half million magazines every year.

No False Promises — Content marketing is not fast and it is not easy. But neither is building meaningful relationships that yield long-term results. Here is a slide presentation from Rand Fishkin on why so many fail at content marketing, and why those who stay the course reap such great rewards.