The Power of Pinterest: How I Became the Pinterest Queen

April 06, 2016

I’ve always been a huge fan of social media. I was known for my excessive tweeting in high school, and I’ve always been a very active Instagram, Facebook and Vine user. I’ve tried just about every social media platform – except Pinterest. Although my friends have Pinterest accounts and rave about the platform, it never appealed to me. I’ve never been much of a cook, and crafting isn’t high on my priority list.

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Florida Sheriffs Rescue One of their Own at Winter Conference

February 25, 2015

Over the 15 years I have been associated with the Florida Sheriffs Association, I have had many occasions to be impressed with the collective character of Florida’s 67 sheriffs.

But never have I been more moved by their actions than during the opening session of the Winter Conference earlier this month. As is tradition, the conference begins with a prayer, presentation of colors and the singing of the national anthem — usually by a deputy from the host Sheriff’s Office.

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The Importance of Creating the Right Conversation

Earlier this month, Florida State University held its annual career fair– Seminole Futures. Seminole Futures is open to all FSU students in search of full-time jobs or internships, or who are looking to network and improve their professional skills. This year, over 100 companies participated in search of potential employees or interns.

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Opportunity is Hard Work

August 20, 2013

During his acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards last week, Ashton Kutcher surprised everyone by giving some very insightful advice. “Opportunity looks a lot like hard work,” Kutcher said. He went on to speak about his experience washing dishes, sweeping factory floors and how every job was a stepping stone to the next.

That is one thing, and probably the only thing, I have in common with Ashton Kutcher.

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Business Lessons Learned from Imagine Tallahassee (so far)

I recently had the privilege of volunteering at the first two rounds of community meetings for the Imagine Tallahassee project, a privately funded grassroots initiative to help the residents of Tallahassee come together to think about the future of the community.

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Your Application Has Been Denied

January 25, 2011

I interviewed a loan officer the other day who told me that while a loan application may give him the numbers he needs, he still “banks the man (or woman).” He explained that a person’s character is still the most important factor to him in deciding a person’s loan worthiness. He asks himself, “Is he (or she) the kind of person I want to do business with?”

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The Suddenness of Circumstances

January 20, 2010

Even in a world where shocking images are delivered on a daily basis through the Internet and cable news channels, what is happening in Haiti right now is difficult to comprehend. The devastation is so complete — both physically and emotionally — as survivors try to hang on, the displaced seek shelter and the world tries frantically to find ways into the tiny island nation to care for its people with supplies and hope.

And there is hope.

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The Lure of the Bargain Book

July 01, 2009

Ever notice how many things seem like they should be fun until you actually do them? What is really sad is that we have done most of those things before – and we should know better.

For me, many of those misguided notions of fun involve shopping of some kind. Going to the mall sounds appealing every six months or so, and even yard sales have a certain pull until the reality of sifting through piles of outdated electronics and battered sports equipment while sweating through your shirt sets in.

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Closing Accounts for Cookies

June 24, 2009

I was a little nervous as I walked through the doors of my Bank of America branch this morning. I was sure they could tell why I was there. I needed to close my two business accounts, and my downward-cast eyes were a tell-tale sign that I was hoping for a quick and impersonal transaction.

I quickly realized that would not be the case when I got to the teller, and he informed me that I would have to sign in over at the white clipboard and someone would be with me in a moment.

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My Wife, the Trojan Horse

At about 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, I tweeted that I was about to head home and was looking forward to being greeted by my youngest three children (ages 9, 7 and 3) because they still run to me with open arms and big smiles when I get home.

After a few minutes of light traffic and sports-talk radio, I was ready for my hugs and “I love yous.” What I got was something far more nefarious. Sending their mother to the front yard to distract me, my three little angels did indeed run to greet me – dressed in swimsuits and armed with an array of water weapons firing at will. With little regard for my sharp, business-casual attire and leatherette portfolio, they proceeded to drench me, much to their delight (as well as their mom’s, based on her snickers).

Running a small business can put us in similar situations at times. We walk in the office door with high expectations only to be attacked with email, voicemail, tweets and updates that can quickly throw our expectations for a loop.

So what do we do about it?

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