Don’t Judge a Millennial by their Reputation

April 06, 2016

The millennial generation. They’re lazy, self-absorbed, entitled and have a weak work ethic. If you still believe these stereotypes, you might want to shift your thinking. While these negative traits might hold true for some millennials, there are far more millennials who prove the stereotype wrong, and prove you can’t judge an individual solely by their birth year.

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The Power of Pinterest: How I Became the Pinterest Queen

April 06, 2016

I’ve always been a huge fan of social media. I was known for my excessive tweeting in high school, and I’ve always been a very active Instagram, Facebook and Vine user. I’ve tried just about every social media platform – except Pinterest. Although my friends have Pinterest accounts and rave about the platform, it never appealed to me. I’ve never been much of a cook, and crafting isn’t high on my priority list.

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Where Everyone Knows Your Name: The Benefits of Interning for a Small Business

I can’t tell you my boss’s Starbucks order. However, I can tell you that he always buys Breakfast Blend K-Cups for the office kitchen. And, yes, the K-Cups are, as well as the sugar and everything else in the kitchen that’s coffee-related, up for grabs. Not having to deliver my boss’s coffee may seem like a small detail, but it’s just one of the many benefits of interning with a small company.

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5 Tips for Getting Your Business on Pinterest

February 12, 2016

Pinterest is one of social media’s most popular platforms with more than 100 million users worldwide. But is its pin-and-share style a good fit for businesses trying to build online relationships with their target audience?

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The 5 Most-Read Fiore Feed Articles from 2015

Every week, our team reviews the best online articles we can find on a variety of topics related to business, grammar, social media, marketing, communication and more and deliver the best five to your inbox every Friday afternoon with the Fiore Feed.

In 2015, it seems our readers were focused on minding their “P”s—professionalism, punctuation, productivity and pressure. In case you missed them, here are the five most-read articles we sent out this year.

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How to Create and Install a Website Favicon

December 11, 2015

What the heck is a favicon and how do I get one?

They are there every time you get online and visit your favorite websites, but you may have never even noticed them. Favicons, or favorite icons, are those small icons that, depending on your browser, may appear next to a website’s name or URL in the browser’s address bar, tab and/or bookmarks bar. They are usually logos or some other graphical representation of the company or organization.

Our favicon is a red “e.”

Because I’m using Google Chrome, favicons appear both in the browser tab and the bookmark bar.

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Social Media: A New Hope in the Age of Millennial Skepticism

According to a 2014 Gallup poll, skepticism among Millennials is more profound than that of any previous generation. Confidence in news media has fallen to an all-time low, and expectations of institutions like law enforcement and the nation’s highest courts to act justly have all but deteriorated. Millennials seem to glance sideways at everyone from members of Congress to Wall Street brokers. This is not merely a political trend; it is a cultural trend that continues to shape public life and opinion and develop interesting implications for marketing, advertising and business.

In this age of leeriness towardSkepticism – Option 5 resized anyone who is selling something, it’s tough to gain the allegiance of even one consumer. Gone are the days when simply offering quality products and services at a reasonable price was enough to reel in consumers and keep them. Not forgetting that the majority of a given company’s business comes from a small portion of devoted consumers, companies are having to reinvent their marketing and advertising strategies to accommodate up-and-coming skeptical generations and simultaneously win customer loyalty. According to an article written by Adrian Wooldridge, editor of The Economist’s Schumpeter blog, the most increasingly popular and effective approach is to befriend the consumer, which he regards as “the holy grail of advertising.”

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Lessons Learned: 7 Dos and 7 Don’ts for Great Networking

August 07, 2015

As I approach my senior year at Florida State, I find it incredible how much I have learned — especially in the area of effective communication. My business classes sparked an interest in the need to communicate with other people well, whether it be at a networking event, an interview or a meaningful conversation. Outside the classroom, I have learned countless lessons from involvement in my sorority and networking events I attend on campus. This year, I stepped out of my comfort zone and started attending Seminole Futures, networking events with more than 100 businesses present. Although it was overwhelming at first, each time it gets less nerve-racking and more exciting.

Looking back on my experiences, I’ve come up with some dos and don’ts to help build your communications skills and make a great impression at your next networking event.

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Want to Build Your Business? Turn and Face the Wind

June 11, 2015

Why is change so hard? Why do we so willingly keep moving in the wrong direction even when we know the longer we wait, the harder the return trip will be?

I faced this very dilemma last February, while attending a client conference in beautiful Amelia Island. Now for those not familiar with a north Florida winter, it can be downright cold. Maybe not Duluth, Minn., cold, but cold enough to need every piece of fleece I jammed into my suitcase.

chapstick2My wife, Robyn, and I looked out at the bright sunshine from our balcony and decided there was no way we could miss walking on the beach we had admired for the last two days. So we went.

Bundled up and ready, we started our excursion with several marginally successful selfies (I’m still working on that skill) and then began a pleasant stroll with the brisk wind at our backs. After around 20 minutes, we decided to head back, but we quickly realized that turning around meant facing a wind that would redden our cheeks and chap our lips in mere minutes.

So we did the smart thing. We kept walking farther down the beach.

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Fiore Communications Announces Expansion

May 29, 2015

I know growing pains are supposed to hurt, but so far, so good.

We are happy to announce two changes designed to better serve our growing and increasingly diverse client base.

RC  HeadSHot_resizeWe are very fortunate to have recently hired Robby Cunningham, APR, as senior account manager to oversee major client activities and provide strategic content development. Robby is a Florida native and award-winning communicator with an extensive background in executive-level government communications, crisis management and media relations. His experience includes nearly 17 years in state government, where he served primarily as communications director in several agencies under five governors.

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