Fiore Feed Small Business and Marketing Update (10/14)

October 14, 2016

Every Friday, our team reviews the best articles of the week on a variety of topics related to business, grammar, social media, marketing and communication.

In this week’s picks, you’ll find tips on how to improve your SEO, advice on changing up your writing style and more.

How to Create Social Media Buttons for All the Top Social Networks

14-1-editSocial media is an extremely valuable tool for promoting your marketing content. But with so many social networks providing their own individual content sharing and follow buttons, it’s often difficult to know which social media button to use for what purpose. To address this, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you understand the differences between the share and follow buttons for six of the biggest social networks. Read more.

5 Productivity Tips You Haven’t Heard a Million Times Before

14-2-editWhen it comes to making each day more productive, you’re used to hearing the same tips over and over again. Resist the temptation to continuously check your email. Wake up earlier. Craft a powerful and compelling to-do list. While those tips can definitely make a difference, they’re now so oft-repeated that they go in one ear and out the other. And, that’s exactly why Joe Staples, CEO of Workfront, used his experience, research, and the 2016-2017 State of Work Report to identify five strategies to increase your productivity. Read more.

3 Unusual Techniques to Revive Your Copywriting

14-3-editWhen you’re paid to write there’s one thing you don’t want to happen: running out of words. It happened to me shortly after I began as a freelance copywriter. The problem wasn’t my depleted vocabulary, but that I’d forgotten who my audience was. As a copywriter, you might peddle designer shirts in the morning and pest-control in the afternoon. But unless you’re a natural-born salesperson (few writers are), flitting from one job to another means you could write something totally wrong for your audience. Read more.

11 Battle-Tested Ways to Raise Your SEO Click-Through Rate

14-4-editIt’s easy to overlook your organic click-through rates on Google. After all, you’ve probably been lulled into believing over most of your marketing life that they’re not as important as other SEO metrics, such as inbound links. However, there are a lot of really great reasons you should work on improving your organic CTRs, not the least of which is its impact on your rankings. In fact, we’ve found evidence that if you want to move up a spot in the rankings, improving your organic CTR by 3% will do it. Read more.

3 Not-So-Boring Ways To Get To Know Your Team

14-5-editBusinesses today are under enormous pressure to get new (read better) products to market faster than ever before. When you pit this demand against the borderless manner in which companies must span timezones there’s only one way work can get accomplished effectively and efficiently, and that’s through small teams. Deloitte’s 2016 Human Capital report supports this notion, citing that, “Companies are decentralizing authority, moving toward product- and customer-centric organizations, and forming dynamic networks of highly empowered teams that communicate and coordinate activities in unique and powerful ways.” Read more.



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