Fiore Feed Small Business and Marketing Update (8/19)

August 19, 2016

Every Friday, our team reviews the best articles of the week on a variety of topics related to business, grammar, social media, marketing and communication.

In this week’s picks, you’ll find tips on how to be efficient at work, great tools for social media marketers and more.

Need to Maximize Efficiency at Work? Follow These Tips

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It’s a hard but unavoidable truth that many workers have to deal with, having too much work and not enough employees to do it. In a study, Gallup found that 38 percent of Americans who do have a job said their company is understaffed. While the statistic is a bit dated, based off further research, understaffing still seems to be an issue in a variety of industries. Some workers are being required to put in overtime in order to make up for the short-handedness but in reality, working more efficiently could save them a lot of time.” Read more.

How to Effectively Use Advertising in Your Email Campaigns

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Facebook ads. Twitter ads. Banner ads. LinkedIn ads. Instagram ads. The list could go on and on. But one type of advertising option that’s often not talked about? Advertising in email. Why would a brand want to use ads in their email? Is it strictly for monetary reasons? Can you tie it into your content initiatives? How can it tie into a multi-channel ad strategy? We sat down with two industry experts—Jeff Kupietzky, CEO at PowerInbox, and Jason Kelly, President of LiveIntent, Inc.—to answer these questions and more. Read more.

Top 10 Writing Tips

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Given that our writing is competing for attention, it is sensible to write as well as possible. You can’t go too far wrong with adopting these tips. Advertisement 1. Know what you want to say This may be a statement of the obvious, but we have all read emails, papers and blogs which are ambiguous or seem to have lost their way. For instance: “For the second time in six months, a patient has died because of defective equipment.” The writer is unlikely to have meant that the patient has died twice. Read more.

The Must-Have Social Media Tool Every Content Marketer Needs

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What if we told you about an ultra powerful, infinitely flexible social media tool that allows you to publish business-building content — text, audio, or video — without holding you to any arbitrary rules? It’s a tool that fixes everything that’s broken about the existing social media sites, new and old. It gives you an astonishing degree of freedom — to say what you want, the way you want to say it, and in the format that works best for you. With this tool, no one can ever tell you your content is “overly commercial” or flag an image as “possibly inappropriate.”  Read more.

What the Best Leaders Do to Create a Great Company Culture

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As an entrepreneur, knowingly or not, YOU are your company’s culture, and that culture sets the tone for how your company operates and communicates every single day. No matter the size of your company, maintaining a strong culture that YOU define is important for many reasons, including the optimization of productivity, and employee retention. Whether you like it or not, the way you react to things, what you’re afraid of, and what makes you excited every day are all parts of that overall culture your company will adopt. Read more.


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