Fiore Feed Small Business and Marketing Update (8/5)

August 05, 2016

Every Friday, our team reviews the best articles of the week on a variety of topics related to business, grammar, social media, marketing and communication.

In this week’s picks, you’ll find guidance on creating better email newsletters, revamping your professional writing skills and more.

5 Ways for PR Pros to Sharpen Their Writing

pr 1 editReady to hear about the not-so-typical writing tips? Time and time again, you have heard little nuggets of advice, such as: Adverbs are evil. (Choose a better verb.) Adjectives are a bit better. (Just don’t go crazy with them.) Clichés, however, are horrible. (Use your own words, thank you very much.) Write in the active voice. (Only soulless monsters write in the passive voice.) Though great tips, they’ve been covered many times, and professionals who write frequently already have these in their standard practice. Read more.

How Instagram Stories Is Challenging Snapchat for Our Attention

pr 2 editHoping to ride the wake created by Snapchat’s moment-driven content boom, Facebook released their version of disappearing media as a new Instagram feature. It’s called Instagram Stories (sound familiar?), and it integrates vertical content into the existing platform very much like Snapchat. But before you go saying that Instagram just took Snapchat and put it on their platform, let’s explore Instagram Stories, and get the full picture. Open Instagram, go to the “Home” tab and you will see your friends’ stories displayed at the top of the page. Read more.

7 Email Marketing Tips For Marketers

pr 3 editMarketers should always use email marketing to stay connected with their target audience. Regardless of the different strategies open to marketers today, you’ll find email marketing to be integral to your marketing campaign. This is still the leading channel for getting the best ROI. But email marketing is not a silver bullet. If your email marketing efforts aren’t effective this is because you aren’t doing the right things. You can’t just do anything and expect it to work. You have to think about your strategy and use customer strategies to turn it around. Read more.

3 Casual Ways to Correct People Who Screw Up Your Name

pr 4 editI’ll just put it out there—my name gets screwed up a lot. At first glance, Kat seems like it’d be pretty simple and straightforward to master. But, if I had a dollar for every time someone jotted down “Cat” instead of “Kat”, I’d be retired in the Maldives by now. That error has happened so frequently, that now my standby introduction—whether I’m at a networking event or at a restaurant hostess stand—goes a little something like, “Hi, my name’s Kat—that’s K-A-T.” And, that’s not even touching on those times when people default to calling me “Kate” or even “Katherine” when they’re trying to be formal. Read more.

Typography Tutorial for Beginners: Everything You Need to Learn Typography Basics

pr 5 editLike many of you, I’m a trained marketer and more of a “do-it-yourself” designer. Sure, I read through The Marketer’s Crash Course in Visual Content Creation and learned some sweet PowerPoint and Photoshop tricks that have helped me a lot with my content marketing job. But I really wanted to take my design skills to the next level. So I asked all my designer friends what my next step should be — and every single one said to take a course on typography. Why typography? Turns out that while the importance of typography is often overlooked, it plays a critical role in strengthening your brand. Read more.


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